email marketing
is not fun!?

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We know this pain, we've been there

🙄 spent hours configuring domains
💩 low open rates, need to check spamhaus
🤯 27% bounce? wtf?
🤔 is this content too spammy?
😭 need new domains again
💆 new campaign, new tracking links
🧐 are we sure we are compliant?
😱 emails not emailing

With all this complexity...

Do you ever send campaigns without worrying?

you will!

We deliver emails since 1784

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To all email marketers in online gambling, crypto, pharma, affiliate marketing and similar niches that struggle with deliverability.

We are launching the next-gen email marketing tool, that will give you true freedom of experementation!

In 🖇️ attachments, you will find the main features we have on launch, and we are eager to fulfill your feature requests.

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Buy domains in bulk

DNS auto-configured

Get subdomains ready to send

Up to 20 subdomains each

With separate identities

Generated from your data

Upload or sync contacts

Ready for segmentation

And create segments

From yours & collected data

Pick a template

Optimized for CTR

Craft content

With confidence

Split campaign risk

Across batch of subdomains

Press "send" and see 0 bounces

Bounces filtered automagically

Analyze data

Group and filter by any data point

Early Access members have a say at what we build next!

All these features make...

direct email marketing fun

By letting you experiment freely!
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